Do Not Throw Your Stuff Away – Create More Space

Being a girl, it is very hard to live in small apartments for rent because girls hold a lot more stuff in comparison to boys. They have clothes, scarves, hats, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. and most of the times it is hard for them to throw anything away. So here are some ideas that will help to create more space for stuff in your small apartment.

The biggest problem in rentals in dallas is that permanent alterations cannot be done. Even in some apartments there is no permission to create holes in the wall. In these scenerios command hooks are very effective and they can trun any wall into a storage. Bags, purses, hats, coats or things which you can hang can be stored on these hooks. These hooks can be placed inside the closet or cabinets as well.

Other than this, the beds can be raised through bed risers and space under the bed can be utilized. Those things that are not required on daily basis can be stored in the boxes, suitcases or bins under the bed. These things can include seasonal clothes and shoes, tools and things like that.

It is interesting to know that the doors of dallas apartments can be used for storage as well. Simple shoe organizers or wall hangings can be hung on the doors and different things like chargers, stationary items and ear plugs can be stored there. They can be very effective in small bathrooms particularly in studio apartments. Different creams, shampoos, lotions, straightener and make up can be kept in them. But be careful, do not overload the doors.

Furthermore, tension rods can be installed under sinks, cupboards and closet to store things in your apartment in north dallas. Cleaning materials like wash cloths or spray bottles can be hung on these tension rods under sink while scarves, belts or any light clothing can be hung on them in the closets or cupboards.

To create more space for books, utensils and other utilities, taller shelves can be bought. Tall shelves mean more space and these shelves can be taken to the next apartments as well. These shelves can be very effective near dining tables to store utensils or different sauces.

Magnets can also be very helpful in managing different stuff. They can be utilized to store hairpins, dot pins, nail clippers or other metal accessories in the drawers of the dresser. They can also be utilized to secure bills or receipts on the refrigerators. Lastly, they can be used in the kitchen as well in form of magnetic spice racks. Do not throw those jars which do not have metal lids, just glue magnets on their lids.

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